Elena Iacovou

Elena Iacovou was born in 1987 and has a degree in Physical Education and Sports Science with specialisation in Badminton. She began playing the sport at the age of 8 and has continued ever since. Elena was in the National Team of Cyprus from 1998 to 2005 and has represented Cyprus in numerous tournaments abroad. Since 2013 she has shared her knowledge and experience with our LBC athletes.

Elena has attended numerous badminton-specific, general-sport, sport psychology and health related seminars to keep her knowledge up to date.

Most recently she successfully received the highest available badminton coaching certificate, Coach Level 2 by the Badminton World Federation. She has also received a Shuttletime Tutor certificate in April 2016. Elena is taking part as a coach in TASEM(Erasmus+) which is based in Spain.

Her Personal Goal: Have a player of LBC qualified for the Olympics.